The Founders Crew

We all started this together as a close group of friends, when we first learned of the company,Wakeupnow. Within a few days it spread like wildfire to our group, we all caught the vision of the opportunity presented and we positioned ourselves strategically with the Founders of Wakeupnowand have been working together building our team! Myself, AKA Wun Outlaw, Don Millio, Tommy Wun, Chase Goals, Wun Sconnie, and MANY, MANY more including my siblings and dad!

We are part of a Movement for Money Consciousness. Every Second Counts Crew. We all have dreamt for the day when we can give back to our communities, and truly have a positive effect on people. Where we can change their lives together, one family at a time, creating a whole new meaning and purposes in life once we can step back and see the big picture. We started as close group of family/riends with a lot of common interests, inside and outside of Wakeupnow, and we will stay a close group of family/friends too!


team green pic


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