Capitalism & Entrepreneurship: At The Dinner Table

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Major controversy has happened over the dinner table between my brothers as my parents continually provide a great dinner every sunday night. Preparing food for the entire family has not been so easy for a family of 4 brothers. My parents always wanted to appease everyone’s appetite, yet it didn’t always happen. There would be nights when some of us eat great, and there would be time that we would not eat.

My parents taught us to be self-proficient from an early age on, taking care of ourselves, and doing our daily duties/chores. While they were both working parents, they provided us, boys, with the perfect opportunity to take advantage of any situation and capitalize on it, but it required that we became clever and witty about it. Granted, that life lesson came fairly pricey because we also got into trouble from “capitalizing” during the wrong situations. We learned our lessons pretty quickly.

Even though capitalism and entrepreneurship have been around for centuries and is known to be common practices around the dinner table, there have been two unequivocal waves of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship that have been captured in history: The American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

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The American Revolution: The first wave of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship in the New World was farming/colonizing capitalism. Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the Founding Fathers knew of the heavy the taxes across the ocean. The American Colonies were settled to be free of such tyranny and oppression from a “government-heavy” nation in all aspects of life, choice of religion, choice of work, and choice of lifestyle. They wanted to farm, open up blacksmith forges, open and run their own businesses, etc. with the same freedom they sought from religious persecution. By building our country’s foundation upon capitalism and entrepreneurship, the road was paved to introduce in time the second unequivocal wave of capitalism and entrepreneurship.

The Industrial Revolution: This is viewed as one of the most important time periods in history because change was necessary with the transition from hand-made materials into manufacturing and mass production lines. A few capitalists and entrepreneurs stepped out of the wood-work, and took this revolution to the next level. VanderBilt, Ford, Rockafeller, and Carnegie,and many others emerged from the free market, and guided the Industrial Revolution into what it is known for today.

Both revolutions were caused by different reasons, however, it required a different mindset to alter and change the course of the world’s economy. To see something in a different light, to improve a process, a recipe, to continually develop and challenge the way the world works as we know it. Freedom from oppression and tyranny, freedom to see an opportunity and to jump on it, freedom to live the way we choose to, not the way way we are told to live.

A 3rd revolution is emerging into this economy as we speak… With technology and the internet continually growing and increasing in user mobility, we are about the embark on the biggest and most significant revolution the world has ever seen!

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I’m WUN OUTLAW aka,Tyler Howell. My story is one that has been heard before. I grew up in a hard working family, I was the oldest of the four brothers, my parents own a few restaurants/businesses, so naturally I became their best employee. I grew up in restaurants my most life so I know the restaurant industry, from the kitchen to the bar to running and operating franchises. In 2008 I graduated fom Westminster College, Utah, with a Bachelors in Marketing, it was the model that I was taught to do just like everyone else, go to school, get good grades, get a degree so you can get a good job… Guess what? I still made more money working in restaurants, than with the piece of paper that said, “I was smarter now, so pay me more!”. The harsh reality set in, we all felt how bad the economy was in 2008, when I went to interview for marketing positions, I found myself competing against my mentors, with 20+ years of experience. I didn’t stand a chance against them. All my life, I grew up around entrepreneurs, I saw how they lived, I saw how my family lived. I knew from the beginning that even though the “go to school, get good grades to get a good job” model was what I was taught, it was not what I believed in. I know that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding if you are good at it! Long story short, at the end of the day, I wanted to make more money! Up until that point in my life, my research and experience proved that neither the corporate or restaurant industry could pay me what I truly dreamt of. Throughout the years, I’ve been in Real Estate, including lending and real estate investing. I had my share of direct sales, commission-only sales, etc. trying to find the industry that was going to pay me what I truly desired. I played around in Network Marketing for a few months, but never took it seriously like my other ventures, up until February 2013. In February, two fairly new friends came over to my house and shared with me a company’s vision of empowering every single household in America to obtain an extra $500 a month. When I learned about this Movement, I decided to join WakeUpNow and never looked back. Over the course of the past 12 months, we soon realized we had found a huge need for online tools/platforms to market WakeUpNow to and run a profitable online business with WakeUpNow. The Founders of WakeUpNow, Richard Smith, Jon Holbrook, Dale Gibson, and Troy Mulstein and our team came together and formed SystemWUN to provide marketing/training tools for individuals, households, and small businesses to be successful in WakeUpNow. We have developed and proven this model to be successful time, and time again. We have created the most revolutionary online business strategy providing the best financial & marketing tools available in business to start your own small business, home-based business, or online business. We are a Community of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Every Second Counts Crew. We are a Movement for The Re-Distribution of Wealth Knowledge. Join Our Community Today.

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